Workclub Job Fair

Jobfair 2019 – a volunteer’s impressions

In June we had a report from Simon about the Work Club Job Fair in April. Here is a personal impression from one of the volunteers:
By about 10.30 the Jobfair was buzzing with potential clients coming in to see what was going on and being warmly greeted by ‘Meet and Greet’ volunteers at the door. Quite a number of clients were already employed but were looking to find other or additional work for many and varied reasons, e.g. a chef wanting to reduce her hours even though she still enjoyed making use of her qualifications in food preparation; a furniture restorer needing to take a part -time job to supplement his income.

Another woman whom none of us had seen before came in but seemed frightened when one of us spoke to her. One of the ’greeters’ noticed her anxious appearance as she approached the door to leave and, being an empathetic person, judged that a hug may encourage the woman to return. Such a warm gesture may be entirely inappropriate with other potential clients, but in this case her judgement was correct and a little later the woman ventured back in.

At the same time a lot of networking was taking place between employers and support agencies; all seemed to find it a useful occasion to exchange information about services. Bryony from CSW (Careers South West) and Chris from South West Water who regularly visit the Work Club were making new contacts with staff from other support agencies and employers or perhaps meeting existing contacts for the first time in person.

It seemed to me a very worthwhile event. Thanks, as ever, to Jenny for her organisation of the catering on top of all the other duties she performs, and thanks also to Simon and all the volunteers who contributed to its success.
Lynette Madelin, Work Club volunteer