History of the Church

Church History

Glenorchy Church is a local United Reformed Church in the East Devon seaside town of Exmouth. The church and church hall are located the town centre in the Exeter Road.

The church was founded as an Independent Church (later to be Congregational) by the Viscountess Glenorchy in 1777. In 1972 Glenorchy voted to become a part of the new United Reformed Church, formed by the uniting of Congregational and Presbyterian churches (the Churches of Christ joined in 1981) and is now one of over 1700 local churches belonging to the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom.

Download the booklet giving the full story of Glenorchy chapel’s beginnings, researched and produced by Michael Hooper, with input from David Lee:
Glenorchy Chapel, Exmouth – Laying the Cornerstone

There is also a booklet from Michael Hooper outlining the story of the opening of the current building:
Opening of the Chapel

Here you will find full details of the ministers who have served in this place of worship over the years:
Our Ministers over the years

Michael Hooper has also prepared a booklet giving a full index with details of all gravestones and memorials in the churchyard:
Gravestone and Memorials

You can read a little about the background of our church newsletter, The Review, in an article written by David Lee for the June 2017 edition:
The story of ‘The Review’