Noel’s Prayer Page June


Send us out all over the world, so that everyone everywhere will discover your ways and know who you are, and see your power to save (Psalm 67:2)

One of the charities being supported through our Mission Committee this year is Mission Aviation Fellowship. The quote above is used in their Mission Aviation Prayer Diary for June 2019. It goes on to say “As followers of Christ we are called to be light in the darkness and yet, if we believe everything we see on the news and read in the papers we would be tempted to despair and give up. Praise God for the promise of His Word, which ignited the hope we have in Jesus. We are blessed, so that we can be a blessing.”

KENYA: God’s timing is perfect. While flying to Kargi for East Side Christian Church, Pilot Melvyn Peters, along with a doctor and nurse “who happened to be around” were able to carry out a life-saving medevac for a baby suffering from pneumonia and dehydration. God knows what we need and when we need it, and never fails. We produce care packages for new mothers, They call them “Mama kits”- a blanket and baby-grow, with toiletry for the mums. This season in Kenya is called “the long rains”, mostly downpours. Please pray for safety. Roads often become impassable.

SOUTH SUDAN: People wake daily to political insecurity and the threat of bloodshed. Thousands of dwellings lie empty and refugee camps are bursting with families far from home. Please pray for a lasting peace. Uphold the work of the Holy Trinity Peace Village – an oasis of peace that provides the needs of malnourished children.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Our pilots fly peanuts. Tons are flown from remote areas inti main towns to sell. Proceeds help to pay for school fees, medicine and food. Please pray for a good harvest for the workers. MAF has ten bases spread around this country from the western highlands to the tropical eastern lowlands. It can be difficult for team members living in some remoter areas. Connect Expo is a conference started by MAF to bring leaders of government, NGOs and different denominations together to work for the good of this country. Please pray that they all feel connected to one another and to God and for positive outcomes. Amen.