Work Club – Job Fair report

23 Organisations were represented at our annual Job Fair, which was an excellent turn out. This year I was keen to have a mix of Employers, Recruitment Companies, Training and Support Agencies. The reason is that many of our clients may well not be job ready, as they need to have their ‘House in order’ before they are able to seek work with the full commitment that’s required. Healthy mind, healthy body, as the saying goes. Job searching is a job in itself!

The morning went well with the Job Fair being opened by the Town Crier, who went on into the town to try and drum up business on our behalf! A big thank you to Sandy from Elite Training and Bryony from Careers South West, who did exactly the same, dragging several people in off the streets! On the previous Sunday I had a spot on Exmouth Air to promote the Fair, which was also ‘plugged’ again when the Job Fair was in full swing on the day. Many thanks to Chris from South West Water for helping with this.

There was a great deal of activity throughout the morning, and several compliments were made by the exhibitors, many of which expressed a wish to return on our weekly sessions. The Exmouth Journal ran the article I wrote for them, with extra pictures in their ‘on line’ edition.

One last note on the Job Fair – A big thank you to all those who helped on the day, be it front of house, in the kitchen with the teas/coffees, or just mixing with the clients, and exhibitors, for many of whom it was their first time at the Glenorchy Job Club.
Simon Skidmore