Sunday 14th May

Read John 14: 15 – 21

I expect that, like me, when you measure out sugar to add to your tea or coffee you do it with a teaspoon!

If you, or I, had either the time or the inclination, we could count out the sugar granules one at a time (I wonder how many granules there are in a teaspoon?!)

But, of course, although in theory we could separate out and count granules of sugar one at a time, we don’t, we use a teaspoon.

Candyfloss is made from sugar! Candyfloss is the close and chaotic intertwining of sugar strands. It’s sweet and sticky and colourful. It can remind us of fairgrounds and seaside holidays (and even home, as we live by the sea!)  Whether you like the taste of it or not, candyfloss can evoke feelings of happiness and joy!

Even if I could be bothered to count out individual granules of sugar, it would be impossible to count out the individual strands of sugar in candyfloss! The strands are so intertwined and inextricably linked that we couldn’t possibly separate one strand from another

Candyfloss sugar strands are formed by heat and motion. They are chaotic in their intricacy, yet beautiful in the overall shape and structure they make – much more in volume than the original teaspoon of sugar!

The Gospel writer, John, recounts Jesus’ words as he describes the intertwining of the relationships of Father, Son and Spirit with each other and with us, within us and inextricably linked to us; as inseparable from us as the sugar strands of candyfloss are inseparable from each other.

As on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is sometimes represented as a flame which fires us into action.

Candyfloss is sugar, heated and active as it spins in the candyfloss making machine, reshaped, re-formed and repurposed – transformed into a new and wonderful thing.

Perhaps candyfloss can provide us with an image of something that is at once both complex and beautiful, which reminds us of the deeply intricate and interdependent relationship each Christian needs to be able to enjoy the fullest possible relationship with God. It is the flame and movement of God’s Spirit that provides us with that life-giving, volumizing and transforming agent.

Sorry if I’ve made you hungry and I’ve only provided you with photos of candyfloss to remind you of the complex, intertwined relationship of Father, Son and Spirit working within you and feeding your spirit!

Rev Janine