Advent Sunday 27th November

In the beginning,
When the world was nothing and dark
God said “Let there be light”
And light came into the world
And it was good.
The light was the light of God,
And everything was made to be perfect.

When humanity had cared for the earth
For thousands of years,
God saw the light was growing dim.
God sent an angel clothed in light
To proclaim the advent of the True Light,
And it was good.
The light was to be the Light of the world
And all that knew it and saw it and lived by it
Became the people of God.

Now the light is dim again.
Discord and anger stalk the earth.
Nations are in conflict.
People starve and die because some have more
And others have nothing.
The earth suffers as humans destroy what God made
Through selfishness and greed.
God sees the needs and the wants
And God comes again,
With the light of Advent hope,
To bring Joy and Love to us and the world,
And to make us listen and watch and wait
For the coming of God’s Light in the World.

Revd Barbara Bennett