Lunchtime Concerts March

With three cancellations already since January I’m hoping we can get to the end of April without any more.   As you’ll probably appreciate trying to fill gaps at short notice isn’t always very easy.

March 2nd   Samantha Muir (guitar). Samantha has played for us several times before and has sometimes brought one of her pupils with her. She is an accomplished guitarist quite different from those who play for pop.

March 9th Beacon Piano Trio: Joyce Clarke (piano) Anna Cockroft (violin), Ruth Lass (cello)  The Beacons have a good following as you’ll know from having heard them before.

March 16th Rachel Curtis (mezzo-soprano), Melanie Mehta (soprano) Peter Wilson (piano). They also are not new to us.

March 23rd Pieces of Eight, conductor Mark Perry.  We’ve had them before.  They are a group of singers who sing in four part harmony.

March 30th Joyce Clarke (piano)   Joyce kindly stepped into the breach on 2nd February when the artists booked pulled out for family reasons.   As well as being a solo pianist she is the pianist in the Beacon Piano Trio.

The last concert of the current season will be on 27th April.

David Lee