An Easter Greeting

Dear Friends,

Easter greetings from the Elders of Glenorchy.

Easter Sunday has always been a day to meet together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This year is quite different. Most of us are in isolation avoiding the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consequently you can also find here the sermon which Bob Ellis would have preached had we been together in Church.

Already too many have succumbed to the virus and our thoughts and prayers are very much with those who mourn them as with those who feel anxious for friends and relatives. And of course we feel so grateful for those in the front line who are risking so much to care for and bring comfort to those who are suffering so much as well as those who are keeping in contact with us and delivering food and other necessities.

The resurrection of Jesus, which we celebrate at Easter, emerged surprisingly out of confusion, uncertainty and fear. Out of the apparent ‘dead-end’ at which the first followers of Jesus found themselves came, unexpectedly, the dawn of a new day. During these difficult times in which the way forward is not clear, there is the promise of resurrection and renewal. Of course we do not know how much the experience of these days will change us but, as many keep reminding us, we shall emerge out of it; it will end!

Let us this Easter hold on to the faith, that even within the darkness of these times, the light shines brightly not least in the deeds and commitment of those who care, which are so welcome and visible signs of the glorious light of Christ’s resurrection, which nothing can extinguish.

“The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

A very happy Easter to you.

Michael Diffey