Eco Church – July

At the Eco Church service in May, I challenged people to decide to do something for the environment that they weren’t already doing.

Thanks to those who told me what you have decided to do. Several of you remarked that you are going to eat less red meat – cattle and sheep emit methane gas which contributes significantly to global warming. And Brian Chapman suggested that on the church walks we take a bag round with us to collect any litter we come across. A great idea and let’s hope the weather improves next month to allow us to have our walk!

On 11th June the government announced it would be adopting a net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. If ratified, it would make the UK the first member of the G7 group of industrialised nations to legislate for net zero emissions, a huge step forward. Welcome news as this is, A Rocha (who run the Eco Church scheme) point out that the UK is off track to meet its existing emissions reduction targets. So we need the government to bring in much bolder policies and actions to match its words and end the UK’s contribution to climate change even earlier if possible.

Geoff Smith