Sunday 30th June

The weather of the last couple of days have given me cause to think that we might just be able to consider sunnier days, and the seaside! Which shouldn’t be difficult for us in Exmouth

Seaside rock has writing through its core – Exmouth Rock – in our case.  The name of our resort of choice is written right through the centre of it.  It states where it’s from, and what it is… It’s from Exmouth and it is Rock.  And wherever you break that rock, it will still say Exmouth Rock right through it.

I’d like you to imagine that, right through your core, the words ‘God’s Child’ are written, clearly stating both where you come from and what you are – You are from God – you are God’s gift to the world – and you are a Child – God’s Child.

Now imagine that those words cannot be removed from your core, that nothing can separate you from those words, indelibly etched right through you.  And imagine that, wherever and whenever you break, or snap, as we all surely will, the same words will remain there – ‘God’s Child’, written right the way through you, a reminder when we most need it, when we’re at our most vulnerable, at our lowest ebb, that we are loved by God, and precious to God.  We are all God’s children, and nothing can separate us from that truth.

Read Romans 8: 35, 37 – 39

A couple of years ago I reflected on that Romans reading with a small group of people in a home Communion I led at a Warden Assisted home in Dewsbury (where I previously was a Minister) 3 of our church Members lived at the time.

During that service, Dorothy told me that Seaside Rock originates in Dewsbury.  Who knew that such a land-locked town would produce something so synonymous with the sea!  I shared a prayer with that I had written with them.

Pray these words and make them your own

Indwelling God, your love is imprinted through us
like the writing through seaside rock.
Indelibly etched the words are written – God’s Child;
And nothing can separate us from this truth,
which you, Lord God, have poured and moulded
into the very core of our being.

Inside of each of us is written
something outstandingly beautiful.
So, whenever we are fragile,
or broken, or when we snap;
as we surely will,
the words remain,
reminding us, when we most need it,
when we are at our most vulnerable,
that we are loved and precious to you
we are your children.

Parent God,
your love is like the writing
through a stick of seaside rock;
and we cannot be separated from it.   Amen

Rev Janine