Sunday 14th January

The Call (Luke 5:10)

I was tired and in no mood for nonsense,
But he was compelling, somehow –
It was as though I just couldn’t say no to him.
Besides, what harm would it do?
We were washing the nets there anyway
Before going home to bed for a few hours.
If he wanted to sit in the boat and speak to the crowds
It was no skin off my nose.
So we got on with what we were doing And he minded his own business.
He – and we – finished at about the same time.
We’d stacked the nets neatly, ready for the next tide,
Ad we were ready to be off home.
Then he turned to us and said  “Put out from the shore”

I didn’t want to.
I was tired, and as I said, in no mood for foolishness.
“We have been fishing all night and caught nothing”
In my head I added “So don’t try to teach me my trade”
(I’ve heard he’s a carpenter from Nazareth.
I wouldn’t try to teach him to make A yoke or a plough!)
But he looked into my eyes and I found myself saying
“Well, if you say so – we’ll get the nets”
So we pulled into deeper water and put down the net where he showed us.
All at once it was full to the top with huge fish,
Flipping and flapping, so many the net began to break.
We called to James and John to bring the other boat and together
We landed all the fish- so many that it seemed that both boats might sink!

That finished me!
I fell on my knees on top of the fish and looked straight at him.
“Lord, don’t stay here with me. I am no good.
I can’t do anything right. Leave me alone!”
He saw how frightened I was and smiled.
“Don’t be afraid” he said gently.
“Come with me now, and I will teach you How to catch people for God.”
It seems silly now, but I believed him.
When we got to the shore I went home, picked up a spare coat and sandals,
Kissed my wife and children,  and then went back to where he was waiting.
I followed him.
I’ve never regretted it.
I have been with him ever since.

From “A Great Cloud of Witnesses: Book 2”