Sunday 23rd July

Matthew 13. 24-43

There is so much richness in Jesus’ teaching today and so many directions one could pursue as we seek to come to a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Parables concerning the kingdom of Heaven, from the smallest, like the mustard seed growing to sizable mustard bush, to the even smaller grain of yeast, in the midst of the dough, where we visibly see growth and the effect the yeast has within bread dough.

Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God being accessible to those who seek it, although it maybe costly to grasp, and how often is that true for us.

I know for myself, at the times when I have been at my lowest, when I have tried to find God and glimpse the Kingdom, it has been hard to see the Living Christ. Yet something happens to make me stop and reconsider, a conversation and unexpected phoned phone call, a card through the post, a smile, a bird hopping on the grass can enable me to glimpse again the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am not good a glimpsing, for I like to see the complete picture. I like to know what I am facing, yes I can be impatient with my relationship with God, yet isn’t that being human and all the frustrations that being human can bring? The Journey we take to glimpse the Kingdom can be long and arduous, or it can be here and gone from sight in a flash, in an instant!

Remember though, we cannot do it all ourselves, we need the blessing of the Spirit to stay close to us and when the curtain of life is finally drawn, may the Kingdom of God in all its completeness, be revealed before us, a Kingdom of abundance growth, values beyond measure and of learning at the feet of Jesus.

Revd Ruth Dillon