Sunday 6th February

Get up off your knees!
Come out of your churches, your mosques, your Temples!
God can hear your prayers
For peace, justice and hope in this broken world.
When are we finally going to realise
That humanity is the solution to inhumanity?
When are we finally going to understand
That we are all drops in the same ocean
Hurting together, healing together, hoping together?
So don’t just pray for hands to heal the hurting –
Pray with hands that are healing the hurting.
Don’t just pray for arms that are helping the helpless –
Pray with arms that are helping the helpless.
Don’t just pray for feet that will respond to need –
Pray on feet that are responding to need.
Don’t just pray for someone to do something –
Be someone who does something!
Don’t just come here to pray for answers –
Be the answer, and God will give you what you need.

In this year of Jubilee – the Queen’s 70th anniversary is today and the URC 50th later this year – we need to reflect on how God’s call to ancient Israel through Moses is still valid today. Our task is to make sure that we are working towards a world that is just and loving where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. However small we feel, however little we feel we have to offer, God will multiply what we do until it is enough to bring in God’s kingdom.

Revd Barbara Bennett