Lunchtime Concerts February

2nd February: Joyce Clarke (piano) Joyce very kindly agreed to step into the breach when  the artists already booked pulled out for family reasons. Joyce has played for us several times and is also the pianist with the Beacon Piano Trio.

9th February: Bel Canto with conductor Alan Boxer. They are a small choral group who sing unaccompanied (a capella). They have performed for us before, though not for a couple of years. Alan is a member of Wood Farm Wind Quintet where he plays bassoon.

16th February: Annabel Rooney (cello) and Josephine Pickering (piano). Annabel has played for us before and is the daughter of Ian and Josephine McLaughlan from our
congregation. Josephine is well known to us as an accompanist.

23rd February: Alison Burnett (soprano) and David Davies (piano) It’s a while since Alison has sung for us. David Davies is now much involved with the music at Buckfast Abbey which means he is isn’t generally available at a lunchtime as Buckfast have seven services a day. He is also an organist and has the record with us for the largest audience we’ve ever had. His organ concert attracted an audience of 103 a few years back.

David Lee