Eco Church news

The news media seem to have forgotten about the climate emergency.  First it was the mutated “omicron” virus that stole the headlines. Then another matter, which would have been considered trivial before the pandemic – drinks parties at Number 10 – has gained “national importance”. Also the embarrassments of the royal family are picked over in detail.   Far from trivial: the Russian army grouping along the border of Ukraine…   But all these are a distraction from the serious emergency which faces the whole world – Climate Change.

With more extreme weather in Britain – repeated heat waves in summer – storms and flooding. With the rise in sea level  wiping out communities across the world.  United Nations representatives at COP26 in Glasgow in November promised to work to slow down global temperature rise.

Here are some of the promises made: 1. Cutting down emissions of greenhouse gases. 2. “Phasing down” the use of fossil fuels. 3. Stopping deforestation by protecting forests and replanting trees. 4. Compensation from richer to poorer countries for damage already caused by climate change.      5. Finance from richer countries to help poorer countries adapt to changes which will affect them in the future.

In connection with 1.  A standardised emissions reporting system with reports every five years. Also improvements to the system of “carbon credits” which aim to balance carbon emissions with carbon storage schemes (including trees).

Even if other “news” hides the reporting of progress with this, let us pray that nations around the world endeavour to keep to their promises.

Peter Johnstone