Eco Church update – November 2019

Those of you who read the Exmouth Journal regularly will have seen a recent article about the future of Transition Exmouth which looked likely to fold prior to its AGM at Glenorchy in September. At that AGM several people came forward to be part of the committee, which has ensured that it can continue. The new Chair is Nicky Nicholls, who amongst other things has helped organise the Exmouth Festival and is the wife of Rev’d Martin Nicholls, a member of our church and the chaplain at Point-in-View.

Glenorchy is a Corporate Member of Transition Exmouth and so we have more than a passing interest in its future. One of the aims of the new committee or ‘umbrella group’ is to co-ordinate the many eco groups in the town, which of course includes us. (There are apparently over 25 independent groups in the town each making a stand for the environment.) This ties in very well with our involvement with the Eco Church scheme since one of its four sections is “Community and Global Engagement”.

A number of us can also see a need for a specific Christian ‘eco presence’ in Exmouth. Point-in-View is an Eco Church and at least one of the other denominations in the town is considering becoming one. Over the next few months we will be exploring how churches and individual Christians can be brought together, both from an awareness angle and as a witness, showing those outside the churches we are on the same side. If you have any thoughts or ideas on this please do let me or one of the other Eco Church Steering Group members know.

Geoff Smith