Noel’s Prayer Page – September


This is one of the charities being supported by our Mission Committee this year. The name is unusual, but it is also evocative, and highly appropriate. This is a way in which our church can play an important role in helping young children in Exmouth who need love and help.

Roger Humphries who founded this charity understood that parents whose emotional needs were not adequately met in their own childhood struggle often have continuing difficulties. He believed that, in these times of cuts to social care provision, Christians and churches might wish to help. The charity is funded solely by donations and grants. Most funders will not support the work of seeking to bring people into the family of God while helping them with problems in their family life. Homes that Smile tell us that their greatest source of help is prayer. Recent activities include a Workshop “Help! My chid won’t sleep” and First Aid sessions for parents.

Loving God, we are thankful to know that there are organisations like this, quietly at work in Exmouth. We pray that more volunteers will step forward to offer a few hours of their time to assist with the parenting course, act as drivers or give support to some of the more vulnerable families. We pray for all the volunteers that they will accept the discipline of the training programmes and allow the love of God to flow through them towards all the vulnerable families in this area. May any negative attitudes melt away in the light of the presence of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Amen