Glenorchy Charities 2018

Each year Glenorchy Church normally chooses three different charities to support through our Mission Box Scheme* and special events, such as our Garden Party and Mission Concert or Tea Party. In 2018, the three charities we are supporting are Water Aid, Toilet Twinning and the Rehoboth Charity in Zimbabwe.

Water Aid:

Approximately 650 million people live without access to safe water and 9000 children suffer every day from diarrhoea as a consequence. Washing hands with soap and clean water reduces the risk of diarrhoea by 50%. WaterAid is a charity supported in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden, which works with partners across Africa, Southern Asia and in needy locations elsewhere to install hand pumps and safe water supplies. The people become healthier and the disease is much reduced.

Toilet Twinning:

Toilet Twinning is a scheme which operates through the Christian organisation Tearfund. T.F. arranges the twinning of toilets in U.K. churches, schools and even some private homes with those in areas receiving fresh water supplies for the first time. Villagers are helped to erect the new toilets and given training in their proper use.

*Newer church members may not be familiar with the Mission Box Scheme. These boxes are made available for use at home. Sometimes kept on a mantelpiece, where visitors might see them, sometimes in the kitchen to help offload heavy pockets of loose cash. Church members who have joined our GiftAid Scheme are requested to put their name or GiftAid No. on or in the boxes.

Please remember these charities and those who require help from them in your prayers, and also whenever you turn on the water taps fitted in your kitchen or bathroom. Amen.